What Is TouchGFX?

TouchGFX is a unique software framework that unlocks the graphical user interface (GUI) performance of your low-resource hardware.

The revolutionizing technology breaks existing restraints, as it lets you create sophisticated GUIs that fully live up to today’s smartphone standards at a fraction of the cost.

By using TouchGFX, your embedded product gets outstanding graphics and smooth animations with minimal resource and power consumption. You get a high-end product with a low cost per unit and a long battery life.


Try TouchGFX

Get Smartphone Graphics on Your Microcontroller

Collaboration between STMicroelectronics and Draupner Graphics
brings forth optimized UI solutions for embedded displays.
Watch how TouchGFX and STM32 can empower your embedded device:

We developed TouchGFX with one goal in mind:  
Giving pioneering businesses an effective tool to provide unexplored markets with amazing user experiences.

When is TouchGFX the right choice for my business?

Whenever an intuitive user experience and smooth graphics add value to your embedded product and at least one of the following applies:

  1. Low unit cost
    is essential
  2. Low-complexity
    platform is favorable
  3. Low power consumption is vital

How Can My Business Create a TouchGFX Application?

A good way to start is to get some hands-on experience with the framework by downloading our fully functional evaluation license, free of charge.

To create a commercial product using TouchGFX, you start by deciding how your TouchGFX project should unfold. We have a few options to accommodate your business needs:

Trusted hardware partners:

  • ST
  • Renesas
  • Silicon Labs
  • Cypress
  • NXP

What’s next?

Well, that’s up to you...