Support Solutions

TouchGFX comes with a range of support packages and ticket coupon solutions to make your development fast and efficient:

Support Packages

Depending on which TouchGFX Product Line you have chosen for your embedded GUI development, we offer you different support options to enable a smooth and easy development:

Standard Support

Product Line Small

€ 1000/Year

Product Line Large

€ 3000/Year

Premium Support

Product Line Small

€ 2500/Year

Product Line Large

€ 4500/Year
Standard Support includes:

Premium Support includes:

  • Access to Knowledge Base
  • Access to Community
  • Dedicated and personal support in Help Desk
  • TouchGFX software updates
  • On-site support available
  • Phone and video support
  • Improved Response time

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Support Ticket Coupons

TouchGFX Support Ticket Coupons will help your development team get started with evaluation and development fast and efficiently. Use your ticket coupons on everything from code reviews and performance optimization to software architecture and graphics design.

TouchGFX Startup Support

€ 700
The TouchGFX Startup Support gets your project or evaluation going with five hours of dedicated support on any TouchGFX subject.

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TouchGFX Development Support

€ 1400
Get support for specific TouchGFX applcation and porting issues, development issues, help with debugging, and much more.

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Need Help Finding the Support Package that Fits Your Needs the Best?
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