Demo Board

A TouchGFX demo board allows you to experience the performance and possibilities the unique framework unlocks on Cortex-M based hardware. To give you a valuable overview of the hardware design needed, we design the board to match TouchGFX.

Instant Proof of Concept

The TouchGFX Demo Board includes a preloaded demo application that presents you to some of the advanced graphics that TouchGFX enables. More importantly, it gives you the opportunity to get an instant proof of concept for your next GUI project.

With the TouchGFX demo board in hand, you are ready to start making your own GUI proof of concept, using the free evaluation version of TouchGFX. This ensures that you are on the right track before you enter a real development project using a commercial license.

3 Simple Steps

  1. Order the TouchGFX demo board using the form below.
  2. Request and download the evaluation version of TouchGFX free of charge and create your own application.
  3. Compile and flash your application to the demo board and watch your GUI come to life.


The demo board is based on the NXP LPC 4353 Cortex M4/M0 204 MHz microcontroller. It supports four different display sizes: 3.5” (320×240), 4.3” (480×272), 5.7” (600×480), and 7.0” (800×480), all high quality U.R.T. displays with capacitive touch.

image description

Order a demo board

Fill in the form below and submit your order. Filling in all *marked box fields is required.

You will receive a confirmation with a specified shipping date within one business day. When in stock, the shipment will take place in 2 – 5 business days upon received payment.

Prices are excluding tax, custom duties, administration, and shipping charge.

The purchase must be invoiced and paid prior to shipment.

Administration and shipping charge:

Within EU:
€ 45
Outside EU:
€ 80

In the confirmation of your demo board order, you will receive the information needed to start your TouchGFX development.

We recommend that you read the technical documentation, where you will find information on how to run your applications on both the PC simulator and your demo board.

To compile and flash your demo board, you need an IAR Embedded Workbench. You can download a free time-limited version here. To connect to the device, you need a standard JTAG debugger.