Who We Are

Draupner Graphics specializes in GUI development on microcontroller hardware. Our software framework TouchGFX is leading the way in software development by enabling clients to bring resource-effective and state-of-the-art embedded display solutions to market.

Empower Your Embedded Display with TouchGFX

TouchGFX is created by an established world-class team of dedicated software tools experts. We keep up with the latest technologies to make sure we stay at the forefront of innovation and technological development in order for TouchGFX to keep its recognition as the leading software framework for embedded GUI development. TouchGFX supports and fully integrates with the STM32 family of Cortex-M based MCUs from ST.

TouchGFX includes an easy-to-use GUI builder, TouchGFX Designer. The drag & drop tool flawlessly integrates into your TouchGFX development process. This makes your way from idea to end-product fast and easy.

Draupner Graphics A/S is owned by STMicroelectronics A/S.

Where to Find Us

We are located in Aarhus, Denmark, in the buildings where TouchGFX first was invented.

Our History

2018: New owner

STMicroelectronics acquires Draupner Graphics A/S and TouchGFX

2015/2016: Strengthening Market Position

Establishment of global distributor and implementer networks

2014: Company Spin-Off

Draupner Graphics A/S is founded

2012: Product Launch:

TouchGFX becomes a commercial software product

2009: Invention of TouchGFX

TouchGFX is invented