Draupner Graphics A/S is the owner of TouchGFX. The software framework offers your embedded GUI outstanding graphics and smooth animations with minimal resource and power consumption.

Empower Your Embedded Display with TouchGFX

Today’s users want touch products with a smartphone look and feel. However, they will not pay smartphone-like prices.

TouchGFX enables you to bring resource-effective and innovative embedded display solutions to market, fast and easy.

Our technology breaks existing restraints by letting you create high-end graphics that fully live up to today’s smartphone standards with a low cost per unit and a long battery life.


We collaborate with market-leading MCU vendors, developers, along with component and software specialists across the globe. This way, we stay at the forefront of innovation and technological development. This also ensures that TouchGFX remain the best possible tool for your GUI development.

Where to Find Us

We are a member of the privately owned Mjølner Group, est. 1988. Today, Mjølner Group is known as a sound and respected software and design consultancy that empolys 100 skilled IT specialists.

Our two companies are located alongside each other in Denmark Mjølner Informatics.


Our History

2009: Invention of TouchGFX

TouchGFX is invented and used as an internal tool in Mjølner Informatics.

2012: Product Launch:

TouchGFX becomes a commercial software product.

2014: Company Spin-Off

Draupner Graphics A/S is founded.

2015/2016: Strengthening Market PositionX

Establishment of global distributor and implementer networks.

As TouchGFX was born in Mjølner Informatics, we draw on a unique network of specialists who can assist us in making your product development successful from start to finish.