iBeat: Wearable to Watch Your Heart

iBeat is a technology company based in San Francisco, CA, USA.

It is the creator of the groundbreaking wearable, the “iBeat Emergency Watch”. The watch is an everyday smartwatch that tracks user’s continuous heart activity. It also notifies users about any oncoming emergency.

For their heart-monitoring smartwatch, iBeat used TouchGFX to create an elegant watch face with a stunning, high contrast, and user-friendly display.

  • Product name: iBeat Emergency Watch
  • Function: Smart watch and Heart Monitor
  • Hardware: STM32F469
  • Display: 1.4” 400×400 AMOLED screen

Innovative Wearable That Saves Lives

iBeat’s innovative smartwatch continuously monitors and analyses users’ around-the-clock heart activity through hypersensitive sensors. If an oncoming life-threatening emergency is detected, such as heart slowing or stopping, the iBeat Emergency Watch instantly alerts the user, their loved ones, and if needed, emergency responders. This helps ensure immediate care delivery and can potentially save the user’s life.


Many of our users are seniors and have deprecated vision. Because of this, we needed an elegant UI with sharp, easy-to-read graphics. As our device is also a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS), precision and usability were of critical importance. We modelled our UI on simplicity and style, as users must wear the watch all day and night. It’s beautiful and highly functional as a timepiece, but when it goes into “emergency mode,” the device is direct, precise, and extremely responsive.

Brian Boarini, Co-founder and Director of Product at iBeat

Easy Development with TouchGFX

After having searched for a software that could meet their requirements, iBeat found TouchGFX and appreciated the ease of integrating TouchGFX’s state-of-the art graphics into the device as well as a low MCU load giving their watch a longer battery life.

TouchGFX offers a highly performance optimized UI library that is easy to use as a developer. The performance is critical as we have a high-end design that needs to run on tight wearable hardware constraints. Being able to accomplish that with development ease in relation to the SDK, documentation, toolchain, and support for our desired hardware was a big win for us.

Christopher Bumgardner, Chief Technical Officer at iBeat

For their TouchGFX based GUI development, iBeat decided to bring in the TouchGFX team. With assistance from TouchGFX implementer, Embedded Partners, the TouchGFX team was able to deliver a high-quality GUI within iBeat’s short timeframe.

The Freedom to Be Fearless


With TouchGFX’s help, iBeat has succeeded in creating a wearable heart monitoring smartwatch that does not compromise on look or functionality. With their Emergency Watch, their highly skilled team has accomplished their mission of “empowering people with the freedom to be fearless, explore, and live longer lives.”

iBeats heart monitor watch will be available in November 2017, but can be pre-ordered now for a 50% off savings.

Learn more about iBeat Emergency Watch, and preorder it here.

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