Future Designs (FDI)

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Future Designs, Inc. (FDI) is a US-based full service design and production company that specializes in transforming “back-of-a-napkin” concepts into tangible product plans.

FDI offers its customers hardware, software, mechanical, and system-level expertise and a 26-year history of proven success to provide any level of support from prototyping through high volume production.

FDI’s ELI® , uEZ® GUI and ΣyGTM product families for touch screen LCD graphical user interface and human machine interface applications are “off-the-shelf” solutions and TouchGFX is a perfect match, making way for quick and cost effective upgrades to user interfaces.


FDI is committed to minimizing its customers’ time-to-market, reducing costs and eliminating any product-development headaches. By combining TouchGFX with FDI’s hardware, customers will be able to create high-end GUIs with smartphone features and functions on low resource hardware.


  • Engineering Services
  • Human Machine Interface Provider
  • Original Design Manufacturer
  • Manufacturing Management

Geographic Coverage:

  • Europe
  • North America
  • South America

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