Find the license model that fits your needs by answering the following questions.

The questionnaire is designed to detect your license needs in a quick and easy way.

How Many Product Lines Do You Need a License For?

The TouchGFX licenses are product line based. You buy one license for one product line paying a one-off license fee. No royalties or developer license fees are added.

A product line is a product that may come in variants that all have the same main functionality and user interface. A product line can only include products that are based on a single MCU series? and sold to end-customers by a single brand.

  • A control panel for home automation that does not have any variants.
    Explanation: One product can never be more than one product line.
  • A group of microwave ovens that share the main functionality and user interface but differ in microwave power and display size.
    Explanation: The variants share the main functionality and user interface and only have minor variations.
  • A group of gas pumps that share the main functionality and user interface but one variant changes its MCU during the product line lifecycle. The new MCU is part of the same MCU series as the previous one and the ones the rest of the product line variants use.
    Explanation: The variants share the main functionality and user interface and only have minor variations, and use the same MCU series all through the product line lifecycle.
  • Refrigerator and freezer by a single brand sold either together or separately. They each have a dedicated control unit with different functionalities.
    Explanation: Each product is an individual product line and needs its own license, as they do not share main functionality.
  • A group of dishwashers, where some of the variants' user interfaces are based on microcontrollers from one MCU series and some on microcontrollers from another MCU series.
    Explanation: If the variants are not based on the same MCU series, it is not a single product line. Each MCU series represent a different product line and calls for its own license.
  • A control panel for washing machines created by an OEM manufacturer and sold to different end-product manufacturers to use in their individual products.
    Explanation: Each manufacturer and end-product needs its own license.
  • A control panel for a wood pellet furnace that changes its MCU during the product line lifecycle. The new MCU is not part of the same series as the old one.
    Explanation: The use of a new MCU series make the change what we define as a re-launch that makes it a new product line.


The best option for you is to select a license for each of your product lines. Go back and go through the questionnaire again with one product line in mind each time.


When you have more than three product lines in need of a TouchGFX license, we can customize a license model that fits your specific needs.

This will often save you money in addition to making sure that everything is done according to license terms.

Let us know what your project entails by filling out the form on our contact page and we will get back to you soon.


All you need is an evaluation license free of charge.

You get the complete TouchGFX functionality in a precompiled library and ready-to-run examples and demos in full source code. It enables you to do proof of concept and evaluation work on both a PC simulator and supported evaluation boards.

When you are ready to use TouchGFX commercially, feel free to come back and find out about the best licensing option for your needs.

Which MCU Series Will You Be Using for Your Product Line?

Please select the MCU series you will be using for your product line from the list below.

We have categorized the MCU series according to manufacturer. You can only choose one MCU series? .

ST Microelectronics



Silicon Labs

What Is the Expected Yearly Volume of Your Product Line?

To make sure that our license recommendation is correct, you must answer this question with the entire lifecycle of the product line in mind.

In the product line's lifecycle, I expect the volume to...

What support do you need?

The license model that fits your needs include one year of Standard support? , which include software updates.

Standard Support

Standard Support includes:

Premium Support

Premium Support includes:
  • Access to Knowledge Base
  • Access to Community
  • Dedicated and personal support in Help Desk
  • TouchGFX software updates
  • On-site support available
  • Phone and video support
  • Improved Response time

Get a Summary

You will receive a summary of the license that fits your needs best, our recommendation is basen opon the answers you ave given.