Flyer e-bikes 2nd

FLYER E-Bikes: FIT with TouchGFX

FLYER is a world leading Swiss e-bike manufacturer. With the groundbreaking range of FLYER e-bikes under its wings, the company is a pioneer within today’s e-bike market. In the development of one of their latest bikes, they used TouchGFX to develop their high-end display, D1. Product name: FLYER D1 Display Function: Operating Display Hardware: STM32F446

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C#/WPF Software Developer/Architect

Join Our team: C#/WPF Software Developer/Architect Be on the fringe of software technology by joining Draupner Graphics in developing the state-of-the art software framework for embedded GUI solutions. Draupner Graphics A/S is a company specializing in GUI development on microcontroller hardware. Our software framework TouchGFX is leading the way in software development by enabling clients

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