Niko: iOS Design on Embedded Hardware in Three Days

Niko designs and produces advanced solutions for electrical switching material, lighting controls, home automation systems, videophones, and more. The company is based out of Sint-Niklaas in Belgium. The user experience of their products is at the core of their business, as customers choose Niko products for their ease of installation and use, for their design,

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Meet Chris: The Co-driver for Your Car

“As long as something is called a technology, it’s simply not ready for the user”, … once claimed. Although this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s a good thing we have companies like German Autolabs who do their utmost best to pave the road towards more accessible and user-friendly technological advancements. In the summer of

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User-Friendly and Low-Power Weather Station with E-Ink and TouchGFX

Sdataway is a Swiss engineering firm, specialized in tailor-made electronic and software solutions, and a certified TouchGFX Implementor. From their headquarter in Châtel-Saint-Denis in the western part of Switzerland, they support customers in studies, hardware and software development, mechatronic prototypes, and industrialization. TouchGFX is a perfect match for their many projects, where an unbeatable UI

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Eyal from Embedded Partners at the TouchGFX Offices

Our partners from all over the globe are a huge part of the TouchGFX success. Without distributors that can sell and support TouchGFX locally, manufacturers that produce the hardware that match our framework best, and implementors that can create stunning applications with our framework, we would have nowhere near the reach that we have today.

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