Integration with your hardware

TouchGFX Webinars

We host a series of TouchGFX webinars with sessions about the Basics of UI development with TouchGFX:


UI Development with TouchGFX on STM32


Duration: One hour

  • June 6, 8:30AM CET / 2:30PM CST / 11:30PM PDT
  • June 6, 5:30PM CET / 11:30PM CST / 8:30PM PDT

Target audience

Embedded UI Developers


This webinar gives you a technical introduction to TouchGFX 4.9.3. Learn about the TouchGFX software structure, how to get started with building your TouchGFX application, make it run on a ST discovery, and discover the basics of interfacing with your hardware.

  • Technical introduction to TouchGFX 4.9.3 including software structure
  • Creation of a TouchGFX application
  • Run your application on the STM32F769 discovery kit, ST order code: STM32F769I-DISC1
  • Basic hardware integration
  • Q&A


TouchGFX: Integration with Your Hardware

Target audience:

Embedded UI Developers


  • June 28, 8:30AM CET / 2:30PM CST/ 11:30PM PDT
  • June 28, 5:30PM CET / 11:30PM CST / 8:30PM PDT


At this webinar, we dive into the tasks of integrating your TouchGFX code with your backend system code. You also learn about the standard Model-View-Presenter approach used in TouchGFX. Practical examples will be demonstrated on the STM32F769 discovery kit and the latest ST Cube drivers.


  • Overview on TouchGFX SW structure
  • Integration with existing system (often C-code + RTOS)
  • Using ST Cube drivers
  • Create your own target Application Template in TouchGFX Designer
  • Q&A

What’s in Store?

Upcoming webinars about advanced TouchGFX development will have these topics:

  • Text Management
  • Advanced Animations
  • Performance Optimization
  • Management of Large Applications
  • And the like…
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