NXP LPC5460x

Get Started with TouchGFX on NXP LPC5460x

Supported NXP LPC5460x Boards

Add Support for LPCXpresso54608:

It is easy to add support in TouchGFX 4.8.0 for the LPCXpresso54608 board by following the instructions below. This package includes source code the Sprinkler Concept demo (see below).

  • Download the full board support package (HAL, demo-project, and project template in source files) for LPC5460x here
    Note: Includes both IAR, Keil and MCUXpresso support.

  • Follow the instructions in the included “TouchGFX NXP LPC54608 Board Support Package – Installation V1.5.pdf”. This adds support for the LPCXpresso54608 board and enables you to create and run your TouchGFX application from TouchGFX Designer with just one click

Download and Flash the TouchGFX Sprinkler Demo:

  • Download the Sprinkler demo (binary file) for LPC5460x here
  • Follow the instructions in the included Flash_Procedure.pdf

Demo Video of NXP LPC5460x

This demo illustrates how an internet-enabled home sprinkler system can be visualized and controlled through an NXP LPC54608 with the TouchGFX software framework, and weather data provided by Bluemix.

For Additional Support and Information:

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