TouchGFX Designer

Coming Soon: TouchGFX Designer

TouchGFX Designer is a graphical tool for designing the visual appearance of your TouchGFX application in a fast and effective manner.

From Idea to Prototype

TouchGFX Designer’s simple drag n’ drop approach combined with ready-to-use high quality sample graphics enables you to create stunning prototypes in minutes with no need for advanced design and programming skills or TouchGFX knowledge.

From Prototype to Product

TouchGFX Designer will support you throughout your entire UI project by simplifying the process of creating the visual design and layout of your screens and custom controls. Your TouchGFX application code is automatically updated with the changes done in the Designer, allowing you to focus your coding effort on the application logic and backend communication.

TouchGFX Designer is scheduled for release in Q3, 2016.

Stay Tuned

Here is a sample of features included in our upcoming releases:

  • Support for STM32F769 including EVAL and Discovery boards
  • Support for Raspberry Pi
  • Support for NXP i.MX devices for industrial, consumer and automotive applications
  • Linux Port
  • 2-bit and 4-bit grey-scale.
  • Video playback
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