• Can I Use TouchGFX for Any Display Size?

    Yes. TouchGFX supports any display size. You simply have to adjust the hardware porting to the desired resolution. However, the processor speed must match the needed resolution and graphical ambition.

  • Which Processors Can I Use for TouchGFX?

    TouchGFX mainly targets microcontrollers in the Cortex M range. However, it also runs on Cortex A processors and other architectures.

    See all supported hardware & specifications here

  • Which Hardware Components Do I Need for My TouchGFX Application to Work?

    Typical TouchGFX applications run on microcontrollers with an integrated TFT controller and uses external memory for frame buffers and external flash for images. It is, however, also possible to run with other hardware settings such as using an intelligent display module or a microcontroller with enough internal RAM or flash to hold the needed information internally.

  • Can I Port TouchGFX to My Custom Board?

    Yes, you can do the entire hardware abstraction layer yourself. When you buy or request a TouchGFX license we supply comprehensive documentation describing the porting process. The documentation also includes source code examples for ports to several evaluation boards as well as a driver library for supported components.


  • Can I Try TouchGFX Before I Buy a License?

    Yes. TouchGFX comes in an evaluation version ready for evaluation and creating proof of concepts for either a PC simulator or on one of the supported evaluation boards. The evaluation version is free of charge.

    Request an evaluation version here.

  • Do I Need to Buy an Additional Developer License?

    No. The TouchGFX license model is product based. You buy one license for one product paying a one-off license fee. No royalties or developer license fees are added to the cost.

  • How Much Does a TouchGFX License Cost?

    To accommodate you specific business needs the standard product license comes in two price levels € 5,000 and € 15,000 depending on your production volume. Customized license models are also available.

    Read more about our license types here.

    Get help finding the right license for your company here.

  • What Does a Product Line License Include?

    TouchGFX is licensed on a product basis, giving you an unlimited, royalty free production volume. A Product Line License can be used for a line of products of the same function, e.g. a line of microwave ovens with different specifications. Deliverables include precompiled libraries and one year maintenance, updates, and e-mail support.


  • Can All Developers Use TouchGFX?

    To some degree. We have designed TouchGFX to be very developer-friendly with automated developer-tools and an object-oriented extendable API. However, getting the absolute most out of the framework can require training for some programmers. You can buy our training service to make sure you utilize your license to the fullest.

  • Can I Create Products for an International Market with TouchGFX?

    Yes. TouchGFX supports multiple alphabets and scripts such as Latin, Cyrillic, Chinese, and Japanese. A converter turns translations stored in a separate spreadsheet into a memory-optimized internal format at compile time. We still, however, need some development to support certain alphabets and scripts.

  • Is TouchGFX Compatible with a C Backend?

    Yes. We have made sure that TouchGFX supports a C backend so you do not have to make any major changes to your existing structure.

  • Can I Only Use TouchGFX for Touch Applications?

    No. TouchGFX’ unique algorithms can be used to draw stunning graphics on no-touch interfaces as well.

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