When you have decided that TouchGFX is the way to go for your next GUI project, you have to decide how the project should unfold. We have a few options to accommodate your business needs.

Choose from these four service categories and get a combination that matches all your needs:

Support Coupons

These coupons will have your evaluation and development going fast and easy.

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We offer different software services to help you get the most out of TouchGFX’ capabilities.

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Get a complete hardware solution or get help finding the hardware that meets your project requirements in the best possible way.

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Get a state-of-the-art user interface for your product by utilizing Draupner’s competencies with creating high-end-graphics for embedded display solutions.

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Support Coupons

TouchGFX Support Coupons will help your team get started with evaluation and embedded GUI development fast and efficiently. Use your ticket coupons on everything from code reviews and performance optimization to software architecture and graphics design.

Startup Support

€ 700

Get your project or evaluation going with four hours of dedicated support on any TouchGFX subject. You decide how time is spent, e.g. trouble shooting via mail or web conference, porting assistance, hardware selection, and more. Minimum half an hour per request.

TouchGFX Development Support

€ 1,500

We offer support for specific TouchGFX application and porting issues, development issues, help with debugging, and more. You decide how time is spent e.g. via mail or web conference. The support activity is time boxed starting at a minimum of 10 hours total. Minimum half an hour per request.


Our TouchGFX developer team offer different services that will help you utilize TouchGFX and enable you to achieve great looking graphics on your low-power hardware fast and easy:

Development Training

TouchGFX training, on-site or off-site, will enable you to easily create an impressive high-end product that accommodate your users’ demands.

Code Review

We provide code reviews on your TouchGFX application concentrating on the full utilization and best practice of the tools offered.

Application Development

Make our development team’s competencies a competitive advantage by letting them create TouchGFX applications with a high-end look and feel.

Onsite Assistance

We offer onsite assistance within any of our service areas, ranging from training over design consultation to code review, and more.

Performance Optimization

Make sure that your product performance is at its best by letting us help identify and eliminate any software related issues

Get a UI Prototype Application

€ 10,000 – 2 weeks

Move your UI Concept to the next stage with a UI prototype application.

Our team knows the framework and understands how to match your hardware.

You get your demo application running on PC and available on TouchGFX supported display modules or your target hardware with pre-ported TouchGFX. We also provide you with the application code, giving you a great base to build your final application from.

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Our hardware specialists can help you find the right platform for your project and assist in the creation of a unique high-end product. Drawing on our skilled partners, we offer complete hardware solutions.

Choosing the Right Hardware Setup

We can help you get the most out of TouchGFX by helping you draw up your hardware for full utilization of performance, keeping your costs at a minimum.

Hardware Design

Get a standard of the shelf platform or a customized hardware design that meet your specific needs and requirements.

Platform Integration

We offer assistance with platform integration perfectly fitted to your new or existing applications.

Hardware Optimization

We offer assistance with hardware optimizations on existing platforms, saving you from dealing with performance issues.


Our Innovation & Design team boasts over ten years of successful operation. Our projects vary greatly from quick interface fixes, over large-scale user research and strategy analysis, to 360° design solutions including complete design suites.

Get an Implementable UI Concept

€ 20,000 – 20 days

With our UI concept package, you get everything you need to build a smooth and modern interface that win users’ hearts and market shares.

In a two-day workshop, we co-create everything you need to build a modern and responsive interface that boosts your brand and improves the experience of your product.

Our team of experts knows the TouchGFX framework and understands how to put your customers center stage.

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Research & Strategy

Through field studies, development of personas and scenarios, competitor analysis, and more, our experienced user experience designers can help create a great user-centric product.

User Interface Design

Our UX and graphic design team offers a complete design package, where you get everything from interaction design over graphic design to front-end specifications delivered ready for implementation.