Exclusive Deal: Buy NOW and Get Free Development Support with Your TouchGFX Purchase

Speed up your UI development project. Buy your TouchGFX License today and get TouchGFX Development Support from our core developer team free-of-charge. The offer applies to all Product Line License purchases.

Customers purchasing a TouchGFX Product Line License between August 15th 2017 and November 1st 2017 will receive Support Coupons for our TouchGFX Startup Support free of charge. The coupons come on top of the support already included in the license fee. You can spend your coupons on anything from training and performance optimization to development of custom widget.

Buy now and get:

License Type License Price (excl. tax) Free Development Support

Small Product Line License

Up to 3,000 units pr. year.


4 hours of Free Support

At a value of €700.

Large Product Line License

Up to 50,000 units pr. year.


10 hours of Free Support

At a value of €1,500.

Delivery of Support

As always, we provide support on a first-come-first-serve basis from our headquarters in Aarhus. We support you via e-mail, web-meeting, or telephone, as you prefer, and you can use our support to cover a variety of tasks:

  • GUI Application Development
  • GUI Design
  • Porting and Integration
  • Testing
  • Education
  • Trouble-shooting
  • Hardware Selection

Find out how your free support can serve your development best in agreement with the TouchGFX team. The support activity is time boxed. Minimum half an hour per request.

How Do I Get Hold of These FREE Support Coupons?

Buy a Product Line License right away. You will receive an access ID to the free support coupons at license purchase.

or send an e-mail to touchgfx-sales-support@draupnergraphics.com

*The support coupon will be valid until December 22nd 2017 – and must be used before this date.

**Customers can extend the period and number of support hours by a separate paid agreement.

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