TouchGFX 4.9.0 Release:
New Package Manager and Text Handling

TouchGFX 4.9.0 adds new functionalities and massive enhancement of existing features and performance. Among the new features are enhancements of our GUI builder, the TouchGFX Designer, now including text handling, and a new package manager.

New Package Manager

With the release of TouchGFX 4.9.0 comes a new online package manager system for the TouchGFX Designer. This allows you to browse and download all available board support packages and demo applications for various evaluation boards. When support for new MCUs and boards are added to TouchGFX, or new demo applications are created, these will automatically be available for download directly within the TouchGFX Designer.

The package manager system also allows you to create your own packages. Have a cool demo you want to share, or have you ported TouchGFX to run on your own Display module and want to promote this? Send the package to us, and we’ll put it online for everyone to use, and you will be listed as the author. You can even set up your own private repository for your company, to make it easy for several teams to create TouchGFX applications for your hardware platforms.

New Widgets and Features Including Text Handling in the TouchGFX Designer

Since the official launch of our GUI builder, the TouchGFX Designer, back in spring, we have, and will continue to, work hard on adding widgets and new features to ease your development. Our goal is to support you, whatever your programmer skill set maybe, in creating high-end GUI prototypes more efficiently.

  • The TouchGFX Designer now includes fully automated text handling. With the release of TouchGFX 4.9.0 you can work with multiple languages, wildcards, typography, language specific settings and much more, easily within the TouchGFX Designer.
  • We’ve added direct TouchGFX Designer support for our ScrollableContainer and ListLayout widgets, making it a breeze to setup and scroll any list of elements.

Get at Taste of the New Features with this Video

Update to TouchGFX 4.9.0

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Get 4.9.0 here.

Procedure for updating to 4.9.0 here.

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