TouchGFX Webinars

We offer a series of TouchGFX webinars with focus on the basics of UI development with TouchGFX:

Embedded GUI Design with the Perfect Look and Feel


Embedded GUI Developers


Duration: One hour
  • June 20, 8:30AM CET / 2:30PM CST / 11:30PM PDT
  • June 20, 5:30PM CET / 11:30PM CST / 8:30PM PDT


At this free TouchGFX webinar, you learn how to win over users’ hearts with outstanding graphics and a seamless user-experience for your embedded GUI display!

Our designer, Henrik, will share some basic user experience and user interface design tricks that enable you to easily create an intuitive and state-of-the-art interface that make your users happy.

Participants will receive an overview with descriptions for the UX/UI fundamentals covered in the seminar.

TouchGFX: Integration with Your Hardware


Embedded UI Developers


  • June 28, 8:30AM CET / 2:30PM CST/ 11:30PM PDT
  • June 28, 5:30PM CET / 11:30PM CST / 8:30PM PDT


Dive into the tasks of integrating your TouchGFX code with your backend system code. You also learn about the standard Model-View-Presenter approach used in TouchGFX. Practical examples will be demonstrated on the STM32F769 discovery kit and the latest ST Cube drivers.

What’s in Store?

Upcoming webinars about advanced TouchGFX development will have these topics:

  • Choosing the Right Embedded Display
  • The Benefits of EDT’s Smart Embedded Displays
  • Text Management
  • Advanced Animations
  • Performance Optimization
  • Management of Large Applications
  • And more…

Looking for More TouchGFX Events?

Together with our dedicated partners, we participate and host a number of TouchGFX events worldwide!

Find a TouchGFX event near you in our event calendar here.