TouchGFX Evaluation

Version 4.9.3

Our free and fully functional TouchGFX evaluation version gives you everything you need to explore and test the TouchGFX universe on your STM32 hardware.

Create a prototype fast and easy with the available tools in TouchGFX Designer and watch it run on your STM32 boards.


The evaluation version offers full TouchGFX functionality. The online Package Manager System allows you to browse and download all available STM32 board support packages and demo applications in full source code.

A watermark (TouchGFX logo) will appear on the display occasionally when running on real hardware.

Please note that TouchGFX can only be used for embedded GUI development on STM32 hardware.

By submitting this form, you agree that Draupner Graphics A/S and our certified distributors can contact you about your TouchGFX evaluation.

Get Going

  • Request and download the TouchGFX evaluation version
  • Explore the demos and create your own test applications
  • Deploy them on the PC simulator and your STM32 board